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The diverse Saalfelden Leogang region offers a large and varied array of sports and leisure activities for all ages groups. Whether you want a loaded, action-packed mountain bike tour or want a peaceful walk through the nature romantic landscape, there’s a recreational experience here for everyone!


400 km competently maintained hiking trails and climbing

Hiking is a pleasure for your body, spirit and soul. Saalfelden Leogang, located in the heart of Salzburg's mountains, has a big variety of appealing hiking offers ready for its guests. You will not find a similar landscape - the contrastive nature of the massif Leoganger Steinberge or the Steinernes Meer and the gentle hills of the Grasberge - anywhere else in the Salzburger Land.

There are not many leisure activities which are that simple, but at the same time as multifaceted as hiking. The transitions from a leisurley walk to a long Power Walking tour, up to a challenging mountain experience are often very smooth. There is a network of 400 kilometre long, marked hiking paths which are maintained regularly. That is why the holiday region in the middle of Salzburg's mountains is one of the biggest and most popular hiking areas within Austria.

Climbing Paradise

Climbing and mountaineering between Steinberge and Grasberge Mountains

Thanks to the ubiquitous "Steinberge and Grasberge mountains,” Leogang, with its high alpine meadows, gorges, caves and trenches, presents an almost unsurpassable variety of challenges for mountaineers. The power of the mountain landscapes between Leoganger Steinberge and Steineres Meer is something you can only experience with rope and hook - and of course, ideally with a certified mountain and ski guide.

Saalfelden Leogang has enjoyed a steep climb to the top among those who have fallen in love with sport climbing. Here they are on the move in one of the most varied and most famous climbing areas in Austria. You can get started with it in two indoor climbing walls and in the wild too. A high ropes course, three via ferratas of different levels of difficulty and the 120 climbing routes in the Leogang Steinberge mountains can be "tackled" between Kuchelhorn, Kaserwand and Fahnenköpfl. The entire Steinberge mountains” climbing region which also includes the Lofer Steinberge mountains and Steinplatte Waidring has opened up to 1,000 different routes. You can find everything you want to know about climbing in and around Saalfelden Leogang is the "Climbers Paradise" handbook.

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Richly diverse biking landscapes

Excitement and relaxation in Austria’s most contrast-packed bike region. Saalfelden Leogang guarantees a wide range biking entertainment. Over 720 km of mountain biking trails and 480 km cycle tracks in the valley offer holidaymakers a biking experience in the heart of nature, with a wide range of ability levels available. With easy, short and difficult trails on offer as well as tricky single trails and exciting downhill tracks, there is something to challenge beginners, leisure bikers and experts alike here.

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Competent Golf region for beginners and professionals

Saalfelden Leogang is located at the heart of the Salzburg mountains and represents a true paradise of tranquillity and relaxation with its untouched natural and cultural landscape.

Here, nature, culture and cuisine guide you into a world of pleasure.

Particularly in summer the holiday region of Saalfelden Leogang offers everything a golfer’s heart
could desire: the Golf Alpin Resort is home to superlative golfing pleasures. From gentlemanly games to leisurely golf – guests are bound to be captivated.

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